Car repairsWe mainly offer a car tour package based on your planned route and your available time. By request we also organize other means of transport like bus, train or flight.

After fixing the route and the duration of the stay in the different places we like to offer the following:

Travelling expenses: They depend on the size oft he car (number of persons), duration of the journey (days) and the length of the trip (km). The lump sum includes all costs like car, driver, petrol, tolls, taxes and car repairs.
Optional are the costs for drinks on board.

Hotel expenses: With our experience in every town we can offer accommodations corresponding to your wishes (category, price) Most of these hotels can be found on the internet. We can make reservations at the hotels selected by you. In this case a deposit is necessary.
Option 1: You can choose and book the accommodations by yourself from home.
Option 2: You can look for accommodation on the spot with the help of your driver. We would not recommand this solution because you will be tired after the long trips each day.

Principles of Lakshay Tours
Safety: Your safety always has the highest priority.
Satisfaction of each guest: We will do what we can to make the entire trip comfortable for you.
No commissions: Our remuneration is the money which you pay for the tour. We take no commissions on any other deals you may make on the tour.
High flexibility: Within the basic conditions you can make free decisions about the program of the day, just let the driver know. It is no problem to express extra wishes (stops for shopping, taking pictures or a rest etc).